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ACCF Charity Facemask Handmade in Melbourne - by St David Studio 3065

Charity Facemask – These personal fabric handmade Facemasks are made in Melbourne in my home studio on my favourite Janome sewing machine.

$5.00 from each of these orange and yellow handmade charity facemasks will be donated to ACCF – Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation.

You can order them in three different sizes:

  • Kids size – best for children under 8 years old;
  • Regular Adult size – this will fit most teenagers and female adults;
  • Large Adult size – this is chosen by most males and those with a larger face or looking for a much fuller coverage.


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I have made this style of facemask using 3 layers of material.  The outer layer is an orange coloured cotton fabric, the middle layer is a non-woven polypropylene, a DHHS compliant fabric and the inner 3rd layer is a yellow coloured cotton fabric.  The colours chosen in support of ACCF Charity.

This style of facemask are made with elastic loops to fit around your ears to hold them on.  I have chosen a braided elastic that is latex free and lovely and soft against your face and ears.   Some people may choose to wear them with an “ear saver” clip to pull the elastic around to the back of the head.  (If you do a search for ear saver clip on this website you will find some very well price sets made by another Melbourne creative).

To help with a nicer fit on your face, I sew in a thin strip of wire (a pipecleaner wire) over the bridge of the nose and along the cheek.  This can help the facemask mould to the shape of your face and can also minimise the amount your glasses fogging up.  The wire is approx. 15cm long.

These are NOT medical grade masks, however they have been made following the DHHS guidelines.

Please allow up to 5 days for your Charity Facemask order to be made.  I make them all myself so if I have a large volume of orders come in at the same time it may take me a few days to get to your order.  However, I focus on getting them made and out to you as quickly as I can! Thank you so much for your support and understanding.

$5.00 from each of these orange and yellow handmade charity facemasks will be donated to ACCF

About the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation.

ACCF is committed to eliminating cervical cancer in Australia and in developing countries where it is the leading cancer killer of women.

By supporting ACCF’s work today, you are helping to vaccinate girls overseas and enable ACCF to screen and treat women as well as driving awareness of the importance of cervical screening – a big step forward given that 90% of women diagnosed with cervical cancer have not had the recommended regular cervical screening.

Additional information

Mask Size

L (gents/bigger), M (ladies), XS (Kids)



This piece was lovingly created by

St David Studio 3065 Kids (Fitzroy)

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