'Elephant' Watercolour Painting - by Amanda Wells Art


‘Elephant’, while not very creatively titled, is a piece of an animal that captivates me. Elephants are so intelligent, and so impressive in their size and nature. As a child, my sister chose elephants as her favourite animal back when it was an important indicator of who you were (you remember the days) so they hold a special place in my heart for that too.

This piece is watercolour on watercolour paper, and comes in a basic display frame.


In stock

This piece was lovingly created by

Amanda Wells (Fitzroy)


Amanda Wells is a visual artist who practices mainly in watercolour, oils and acrylics. A South Aussie by birth, she rediscovered art whilst living in Brisbane, and now lives in Western Melbourne where she paints people, animals, plants and ideas. Amanda Wells was born in South Australia, having lived and studied in the Clare Valley, the Barossa Valley, and Adelaide. Amanda has four tertiary degrees in the social sciences and humanities, which inform her work and view of the world in general. Amanda rediscovered her love of art whilst living in Brisbane, and has been developing her skills and style ever since. Now based in Western Melbourne, she has been working primarily in watercolours, and painting a range of subjects from people to animals to plants. Her favourite subject to paint is still the human face, and there is usually at least one portrait project happening in the background in her studio (or at least in Amanda's brain). TWITTERFACEBOOKINSTAGRAMWEBSITE

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