Batch your marketing and save your creative time Workshop 27-OCT

In this batch your marketing workshop we will cover

  • Working with collections to batch your marketing output
  • Using productivity tools like later to shedule your release
  • How to market a collection, from start to finishing with a sale to get rid of anything left over!
  • Getting more organised with your posting so you’re not always scratching for content


You should walk away from this class feeling like you have a step-by-step strategy of how you’re going to do your marketing and when.



Why you need to batch your marketing to get your creative time back!

There are so many jobs to do. Post on instagram, update the online store, take photos, work out prices, come up with descriptions, apply for exhibitions or markets, send email to your mailing list, update the blog… But you can’t do one until you’ve done the other. Can’t update the online store without photos, can’t send the email without the links to the products… Do you ever wonder when this stuff gets easier? When you’ll get into a groove and it will come naturally to you? Then this workshop is for you.

In this two hour session we will be breaking down my strategy for how to promote your work by releasing content in collections instead of sporadically. We will be talking about planning and productivity tools which will help you get back some of your time which you should be spending doing what you love… creating.

If you would prefer to do this session privately, and go through your own website, you can book a mentoring session instead.

This piece was lovingly created by

May Michaels

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