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Beginner’s Brush Pen Lettering Kit


Learning new skills is a gift that stays with you forever. There is no better feeling than learning to master something that you’ve admired for so long. Gift yourself, or someone in your life, the gift of learning and creating.

In this kit, you will receive:

1 x 40-page workbook, ‘So you want to learn the fundamentals of Brush Pen Lettering’
1 x 40-page digital downloadable workbook in .pdf format, ‘So you want to learn the fundamentals of Brush Pen Lettering’
1 x Tombow Fudenosuke soft-tipped brush pen
1 x Tombow Fudenosuke hard-tipped brush pen
1 x Gold-foiled, folded card featuring Australian florals for you to write on and show off your new lettering skills
1 x 135gsm thick envelope. This is a luxe, oatmeal-coloured envelope with a soft toothy finish that is perfect for wax sealing.

Our lettering guide is printed on super smooth, 100gsm paper. Compared to regular copy paper, writing on our premium-quality paper will help your brush strokes look crisper, smoother and minimises damage to the brush pen’s bristles.

The digital copy of the workbook that you also get can be downloaded, printed and used for practise as many times as you like.

The topics covered in the workbook cover the fundamentals of brush pen lettering, and include:

Pen grip & hand movement
Basic strokes
Forming letters
Forming words & sentences
Tricky letter combinations
Common mistakes
Basic design & styling ideas

… and more!

Cuber: Fiona Ariva
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