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'BITCH Face' Feminist Lino Print by Melanie Thoren (@melanie.t.creative)

Feminist Lino print, black ink on white paper, A4 Unframed.


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Linoprint on A4 sized white paper, unframed.

Some are born a bitch, some achieve bitchiness, and some have bitchiness thrust upon them.

Take Hollywood film star Jane Russell, for example.  Her breakout role in the 1941 film The Outlaw was not shown in cinemas for more than five years after it was made, due to her cleavage. But Jane didn’t care. She worked it, and went on to star in more than 20 films, as in 1955 she founded the first international adoption program after a botched abortion in her teens left her infertile. Her dark locks, stern brows, cheekbones that could cut glass, and pouty lips made her one of the most iconic sex symbols of the 20th century.

This print celebrates women from the past like Jane, who, through their controversies, have paved the way for modern women to celebrate feminism and the feminist right of women to, well, just look damn fabulous.



This piece was lovingly created by

melanie.t.creative (Fitzroy)

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