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Green Agate Roman Coin Stretch Bracelet by BJewel*Co


BJewel*Co uniquely and meticulously handcrafts rare and personalised items.

  • Selection of 10mm Semi-Precious Green Agate Beads on a Strong Stretchy Band
  • 10mm Silver Beads
  • Triangular Transparent Grey Swarovski Crystals
  • Silver Plated Roman Head Coin Charm

  • The Healing Properties of Agate Gem Stones include:


  • Getting rid of the Stresses of Your Lifestyle Or the Pressures of Society
  • This Crystal will allow you to take a Step Back and Relax
  • The Grounding Influence of this Crystal will also help you maintain your Connection to the Earth

In stock

Sold By: B*Jewel Co (Prahran)
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