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Soothing Gem Stone Stretch Bracelet by BJewel*Co


BJewel*Co uniquely and meticulously handcrafts rare and personalised items.

  • Array of differing shapes of Semi-Precious Green Gem Stones
  • Assortment of Earthy Jasper Gem Stones including Milky, Yellow,White and Blue Coloured Beads on Strong Stretchy Band 
  • 10mm Glossy Bronze Beads
  • Large Charcoal Bronze Beads

  • The Healing Properties of Semi-Precious Gem Stones are


  • Useful for Emotional Healing;
  • It is mainly considered as a Symbol of Serenity, Tranquility and Purity;
  • It is a Stone that is believed to Bring In Good Luck, Friendship, Peace and Harmony
  • Jasper is a Nourishing, Warm and Protective Stone, no matter what colour you find the jasper in
  • Jaspers are the nurturers Healers and the Spirit Stone of Courage and Wisdom

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Cuber: BJewel*Co (Prahran)
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