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ArtsybyYesha (Fitzroy)


Yesha is a self-taught artist based in Melbourne. Her artwork demonstrates her passion for colors and her broad expertise with different pigments. Each piece of art is carefully crafted and lovingly hand-painted, lettered and illustrated. “Finding things that others toss aside is where the game starts.”, that’s what Yesha is all about. She loves to show different human emotions in her artwork. She chooses to work with different media, techniques and art forms to reveal distinct emotions from passion to pain, from laughter to grief and everything in between. Every time she paints, her goal is to bring out her passionate personality and innate emotions of love, fear, lust, sorrow, joy, jealousy, and more. Her style of painting, her hues on canvas and the variations of the brushstrokes are deeply rooted in her strong and expressive personality. Her bold and exciting choice of colors, brings the paintings to life. Have fun browsing her work! Always love from Yesha. FACEBOOKINSTAGRAM  PINTEREST

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