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“Cabbage Cutie” Handmade Paper Softcover by Zwartko

Zwartko journals are covered in handmade paper, handmade & hand-stitched. There is no better place to doodle on a sunny Sunday or recount an epic adventure than in one of these magical one-of-a-kind dream keepers!

Are you looking for the perfect place to write your next romance? or searching for a breathtaking gift for that amazing friend? This journal is as unique as you!


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This listing is for a (90mm Wide x 143mm High) flexible cover journal.

100% percent Recycled & Biodegradable product.

Handmade paper is created from waste gathered from multiple businesses and homes. A1 sheets are pulled with a mould and deckle as per traditional paper making practice and dried in the sun. Coloured options have all been created using carefully sorted paper scraps; with the prevailing colour blended and the ink leaching out to make a colour that is completely free of additives!

This Cabbage pocket book features a dark purple inside cover with a colourful, glossy bubble patterned spine. It has 16 pages (32 sides) of white 150GSM plain drawing paper. This journal includes a dark blue handmade paper bookmark to match your cover and keep your place.

Exposed running stitch spine in lilac Hemptique 100% biodegradable hemp cord, beeswaxed for longevity.

Inside cover paper & journal pages are sourced from Buy Eco Green and are 100% recycled post-consumer and FSC certified. Process Chlorine Free (PCF)

All Journals are created with love and passion in Melbourne, Australia.

This piece was lovingly created by

Zwartko (Fitzroy)

Zwartko was born out of necessity, and a very enlightening night of "paper-waste" crafting, after which there was no return. Crafting is a passion I have always pursued in many different forms, but Handmade Paper has captured my heart and hasn't let go. Rain, hail or shine, creating treasure from trash is where I want to be. Charlotte Rose creates 100% Handmade, Recycled Journals that are filled to the brim with love and detail, allowing you to capture and create your dreams wherever you may be! Every Journal features beautiful Handmade Paper Covers, Copic Binding & full customisation of not only additive free colours but personalised engraving for that unique touch. Anything you can imagine can be done!

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