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Delicate Ceramic Pot with Green Leaves by The Intrepid Potter

This ceramic pot is hand painted with stylised green leaves and would make a lovely little plant pot or odds & ends bowl.

The pot, or vase, (on the right hand side) is hand made in porcelain and is approx. 7cm high. The design, on the outside, is hand painted in underglaze and glazed inside.


The pot was made using the Japanese method called Kurinuki. The method involves carving out the inside of a solid ball of porcelain clay.



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The Intrepid Potter is a creative combining her passion for drawing and hand building clay pieces.

Teresa, the designer and maker behind The Intrepid Potter lives in Melbourne where she creates each unique piece by hand in her home studio.

Teresa’s pieces are inspired by her passion for making across practices. This has taken her down an eclectic creative path in printmaking, painting, silver smithing and textile design.

Now in clay she has found her place in creating beautiful one of a kind pieces.

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This piece was lovingly created by

The Intrepid Potter (Fitzroy)

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