Crochet Pear Catus by Ernie Spackler

The cactus guy that can’t die.

Crochet Pear type cactus in a terracotta pot with a happy lil face to brighten any space.

Made out of cotton. Terracotta and stones in pot.


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Ernie Spackler – hand made yarn oddities.
Named after 2 Bill Murray characters… because why not?!
Hi, i’m Alicia.
This little side hustle was from a frustration that grew from being on dialysis, kidney failure and wanting to be productive with my time.
A venture which has now grown legs and is one of my biggest loves to make people smile with weird and cute creations.

This piece was lovingly created by

Ernie Spackler (Fitzroy)

Ernie Spackler logo

Hand made yarn oddities.  One of a kind crochet, macrame, cross stitch and fibre art items made with love.  And no matter how green your thumb is, crochet cacti won't die! ERNIE SPACKLER; named after two Bill Murray characters... because, why not?  Ernie McCracken - KingPin and Carl Spackler - Caddyshack. Alicia is the maker behind Ernie Spackler and is a self taught crocheter and cross stitcher. She also learnt macrame (and in turn self taught techniques for fibre art) via a work shop. Alicia has lived on the Mornington Peninsula all her life and has felt most productive with her time when working with her hands.  Ernie was born from a frustration of living with a chronic illness and all the fun things that come with that. Alicia took up crochet and other forms of fibre art to be productive with her time and its also great for her brain/anxieties etc. All pieces are unique and handmade by Alicia. To give you an idea, a crochet cacti takes anywhere in the vicinity of 2 hours to make, a blanket could take up to a month. She definitely has a love for the craft, and enjoys the reactions of peoples faces for the pieces. FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM

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