Curl stud earrings by the Silver Goose

These amazing curls were designed to make a statement!

Inspired by seeing large pencil shavings in a bowl of potpourri I got thinking about how they would look in silver. And this is the result.

They are hand sawn from silver sheet and free formed. As each curl is formed in opposite directions they are never exactly the same on each side – truly unique.

These are finished with an oxidised finish but they look great with a brushed finished too – place a special order for something different.


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Earring Style

This piece was lovingly created by

The Silver Goose (Prahran)

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Sue designs each piece and crafts by hand with love.  She specialises in earrings and truly individual pieces. She is based in Adelaide with beautiful beaches and great sailing. Sue is a South Australian silversmith and sailor. Her studio is located in Adelaide's inner western suburbs. She designs, makes, markets and distributes everything you see, with her own hands. The Goose came to life when Sue's friends encouraged her by telling her how much they loved what she was making and wanted to buy it. It was named Silver Goose Jewellery after the first brooch Sue made. She has the tendency to see something and wonder how it might work in silver. When Sue saw a full sized statue of a goose in backwards boots in the window of the Jam Factory she just had to give that a go. As a result she's got a funky little goose wearing backwards boots – quirky, whimsical, cute and a bit different.  This is Sue… this is her style… could it be yours too? When she started the business she had the idea of building a brand that people would look for and buy for it’s unique designs, based on unusual things she'd come across. She had planned to spend several years sailing the islands of the Pacific, however life often takes unexpected turns. And now it’s her time to focus on the future of the Goose! Building the business in a different way to her original dreams, but hey, isn’t that what life is about! TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE

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