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Double Dog Tag resin set - by Jantina

Black Resin Set on Stainless Steel

Large Dog Tag – 50mm x 28mm, Small Dog Tag – 38mm x 22mm

Stainless Steel ball chain necklace 70cm with connector clasp


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Handmade in Melbourne

Stunning double Dog Tag resin set with white swirl and silver highlights . Perfect little gift for yourself or someone special.

This piece was lovingly created by

Jantina - art|jewellery|wood (Fitzroy)

Jantina creates unique and individual resin Art, Jewellery,Wood, Homewares and Gifts. Each piece is handmade therefore no two pieces are the same. All pieces are created with an individual colour scheme so you can shop your favourite colour to suit your unique personality. Designed for Celebrations, Events and Special Occasions. CUSTOM ORDERS WELCOME

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