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Down by the ocean resin ring by Little Forage


One of a kind Little Forage statement ring in transparent light blue with a shell shaped ring band.   

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Cuber: Little Forage (Fitzroy)
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Little Forage statement ring in transparent light blue with a shell shaped ring band.  One side of the ring band is shell shaped and one side of the ring band is flat.

Little Forage is a brand that loves to re-imagine little treasures which you discover as you walk in nature.


100% handmade with love by Lea from Little Forage at her studio based in Reservoir, Melbourne.   This item is hand poured, sanded and finished.

  • Ring materials- Epoxy resin
  • Ring size – approx Aus/UK M
    • please use an international ring size chart which can be found online to identify your size
    • Please note that some Little Forage rings don’t have a perfect circular shaped band, for example our shell shaped bands which involve making a casting from a real shell.  However careful consideration has been given to the design to ensure comfort.  Sizing guidelines are approximate due to the non-standard ring shape.
  • Ring weight – 3 grams
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