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Eos -Spring Goddess Brooch by Amethyst Moon Art

Polymer clay brooch

7 cm diameter


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Goddess of the Dawn and new beginnings, Eos is part of my Spring Goddess jewellery collection.

This piece was lovingly created by

Amethyst Moon Art (Fitzroy)


Luna Cameron-Parrish is a mixed media artist based in Melbourne, Australia. A practicing artist since 2004, she has developed a diverse body of work that includes paintings, sculpture, mosaics and assemblage. Luna is an artist of the imagination rather than one who tries to capture the world around her with any sense of reality. Anything that is kitsch, funny, quirky, weird, irreverent or cheeky appeals to her. Luna’s love of words and language is a main source of inspiration; in life and in her art. Stories, myths and legends often provide a broad concept. Specific references may then evolve from a poem, song lyrics, or a pithy quote. Elements are woven together with personal motifs to form a visual language that rich in meaning. INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | WEBSITE

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