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Euphrosyne Peridot Rose Gold Plated Necklace by Hidden Petals



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Peridot is also known as a talisman of luck. It is believed that Peridot dissipate recurring negative patterns and old vibrations. Working with Peridot one can remove those blockages and move forward quickly, it teaches us that holding on the people or the past is unhelpful.

This piece brings a message to its wearer, reminding us to enjoy life and celebrate small wins in life. The butterflies are representation of life and beautiful signs of transformation.

Main/Base: 925 Silver
Plating: 2 micron Rose Gold
Texture : Smooth polish
Size: 1.6cm in diameter
Stone: Peridot
Necklace length: 45 cm

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Jewellery Material

Rose Gold Plated

This piece was lovingly created by

Hidden Petals (Prahran)

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