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Ceramic Milk Jug with girl face by Forrest Girl


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This piece was lovingly created by

Forrest Girl (Fitzroy)

forrest girl ceramics are a collaboration between an artists impression and the work of an artisan potter. Each piece is individually crafted; designed and made in Sydney. We hope you will love them and want to have them in your Melbourne home. forrest girl has evolved from the beautiful work of a young 'fine arts' student and an experienced artisan potter. Both having an eye for detail and the love to make beautiful pieces. Bringing these people together in a collaboration has been my joy. To support their creativity and produce a body of work to showcase in Sydney and now in Melbourne is a continuing journey. In July 2018 we extended the range by adding locally printed tote bags for "Plastic Free July" enhancing our range and reaching out to save our planet. We hope the warm mushroom hue of the glaze and unique images will bring beauty to you and those you hold close to your heart. Daryl Smith for forrest girl. INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE

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