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French silk scarf by Judith Scott Upcycling


This French silk scarf drapes beautifully as a bow or as a woman’s tie to reveal the true lustre of 6 upcycled silk ties used in this traditional, chic and practical style.

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Cuber: Judith Scott Upcycling (Fitzroy)
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A French silk scarf that is elegant and versatile, and drapes beautifully to reveals the true lustre of 6 upcycled silk ties.

Upcycled silk is perfect for this traditional, chic and practical style.  So zsush up and out you go!


  • It can be worn as a bow or as a woman’s tie.
  • The scarf does not have a wrong side.  With one side featuring light grey and the other in gold, apricot, yellows and cream, this silk scarf can be styled in many ways to complement any look.
  • It is hard to explain in words how to style this scarf, but easy to show in images! The accompanying  2 flat lay images show the shape of the scarf – it is not a square scarf.  Full width is 36 cm. The longest side (64 cm) wraps around the neck at the narrow end (12 cm).  Simply thread through any one of the remaining 3 corners through the loop (6 cm deep) on the narrow end to secure the scarf in place.


  • Handcrafted from 6 upcycled silk ties, this is a one-off piece.  A timeless and versatile style, this scarf could be the go-to for a long time!
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