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‘Helena’ moth 6 colour reduction linoprint


‘Helena’ moth 6 colour reduction linoprint by Wonga Press


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A Helena moth dropped into our place one Summer and stayed for a few days. It was the most beautiful moth I had ever seen and was the inspiration for this print. This is a  6 colour reduction linoprint. Each layer of colour is printed after you have carved away a section for the previous colour to show through so by the end all the Lino has been carved away and that is the end of your print run. I love this method and the fact that you can’t make an endless amount of prints which makes it a bit special. It can also be frustrating as I inevitably lose a number through mistakes making the edition even smaller. What I love about this print which you cant really tell through a photo is the sheen and texture of the ink on the moths wings. I varied the pressure slightly so each print is a little different. Printed with Caligo Safe wash ink on Stonehenge paper 245gsm. Measures approx 13.5cm x 19cm including a small border to allow for framing.

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Creating and carving linoprints has become an all-consuming artistic practice for Carolyn with her subject matter an eclectic mix of nature, animals, mythology and daily observations. She especially likes the bold graphic nature inherent in linocuts that lends itself to many applications. Carolyn enjoys every aspect of the process from pondering ideas, sketching and refining and transferring to lino. She loves the carving process using traditional tools and the mindfulness of the practice. She finds a magic that comes in the final stage of printing when the ideas and the lino’s characteristics form a collaboration. Sources of inspiration for her include: animals, nature, books, music, art, other eras and anything that peaks her curiosity. INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE  

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