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Instagram Strategy Workshop with May Michaels 25 NOV


Do you have an instagram strategy? Why not!

In this Instagram Strategy Workshop we will cover

  • The basics of advertising
  • How to position your brand in the Melbourne handmade marketplace
  • How to grow your following through instagram
  • How to measure and increase engagement
  • What to post / when to post and what to include
Cuber: May Michaels
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What’s this Instagram Strategy Workshop about?

Instagram is a fantastic tool for promoting your creative business, but without a clear strategy it can be a complete waste of your time!

The slightly more advanced Instagram workshop is here! If you’ve been using instagram but not gaining the traction you need to really boost your business then this workshop is for you.

In this workshop I will be coaching on using instagram to promote creative businesses. During the class we will be discussing the basics of advertising, how to position your brand in the Melbourne handmade market, and how to grow your brand identity through this media chanel.

We will discussing what kind of content to post, where to post it (grid / stories) how to create that content and of course ENGAGEMENT!

This class is suitable for creatives who already know the basics of how to post on instagram and have a small following.

Meet your teacher

This workshop is run by May Michaels, the boss at in.cube8r, combining retail & the art world in a beautiful, unique way. Her marketing kickstart was created as a way to help her creative clients thrive, providing marketing and business related workshops for small groups of creatives. The workshops are designed to be short, affordable and informative; giving creatives a to-do list that they can go home and tackle on their own with all the information they need (and no sales pitch at the end).

If you would prefer to do this session privately, and go through your own website, you can book a mentoring session instead.

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