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Instagram Workshop – How to make marketing decisions from your Instagram Insights 2 DEC


In this workshop with May Michaels we will be using our Instagram Insights to decide…

  • How to access your Insights and understand the data available to you
  • What types of content to post on the grid
  • How often to post on the grid (it’s less than you think!)
  • When to post to engage YOUR audience
  • Captions, Hashtags and other elements of a post
  • How to see how you are going, and adjust your strategy to improve your instagram presence
Cuber: May Michaels
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In this Instagram insights workshop we will be looking at YOUR instagram insights to help you make decisions as to how to engage YOUR audience.

Every Instagram account is different as it attracts different followers.

Even though there are some things that (almost) always get higher engagement (like a face) your Insights hold the keys to creating trully great content.

There are various strategies around how and what to post, and in this workshop we will be deep diving into our analytics to work out what’s working, what’s not working and what we can do to improve our instagram engagement.

We will also learn how to actually find our instagram engagement rate, so we can check how we are tracking compared to a week ago, a month ago and a year ago.

This workshop is suitable for small businesses who are trying to gain traction on Instagram and needing to better understand what their audience really wants.

If you would prefer to do this session privately, and go through your own website, you can book a mentoring session instead.

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