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Reusable Japanese Teacup Candle, ‘Luxury Spa’ scent by ‘JoybyMarie’

Handmade Japanese teacup: handmade soy candle.  Fragrance: Luxury Spa


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Immerse yourself in the sublime scents of Valencia orange, Italian bergamot, rose and cedarwood with with a touch of grounding amber.

The ‘Kanoko’ candle is in a delicate, cone shaped teacup candle and is handmade handmade in Japan using traditional tissue paper transfer paper transfer technique

The candle provides approx. 30 blissful hours of burning

  • Height 7.3cm, diameter 9.4cm
  • Comes with candle care instructions

REUSE – when the candle has finished burning, rinse in warm soapy water and enjoy as a teacup

Joy Candles are hand crafted using highest quality soy wax, premium grade fragrance oil and a lead free wick – to bring joy.

This piece was lovingly created by

Joy By Marie (Fitzroy)

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