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Little Weirdoes – Reginald by Creatures of Clay


This one of a kind piece has been hand built, painted and glazed with love. This piece is made using a BRT clay which gives it a rustic speckled look that shows through the coloured underglaze.

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Cuber: Creatures of Clay (Fitzroy)
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Are you sick of your own beautiful reflection and need something a little bit weird to look at? Why not try a Little Weirdo. Reginald can be used to decorate the office, living room or any windowsill in your home. He can also be used to decorate a pot plant or in the garden. Other purposes include, but are not limited to, give him as a gift, use him as a paperweight or hide him in your nanna’s handbag. Whatever you choose you will be confident knowing that it will fulfill his life purpose in bringing you joy. Reginald also enjoys pistachio ice cream, the Eurythmics and crunchy autumn leaves.

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