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Men Speckled Light Grey Wool Knit Beanie with Foldable Brim by SiennaKnits


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What is special about this beanie?

1. It is 100% handmade knitted, it is not manufactured or mass produced in a factory.

2. It has a double foldable brim which gives you a double layer over your ears and forehead area for extra warmth. This foldable brim is flexible so it can be rolled up or down and adjusted to your needs.

3. This particular design moulds easily to your head to match your unique head size.

4. It is toasty warm and soft to touch, not itchy.

5. It’s comfortable, easy to wear and long lasting.

6. It’s seamless – knitted in a round, so you get perfect knitted look all around.

7. It’s unisex- It can be worn by both men or women.

8. Knitted in a smoke free and pet free home.

9. The yarn has random speckles throughout giving the beanie that natural look.

10. It is made from 90 % Wool , and the benefits of wearing wool are so many and outlined below:

It’s a natural material – Wool is a natural fibre found on the backs of the millions of sheep you see all over the world.

It’s a natural insulator – The wooden clothing creates pockets of air, which leads to a natural form of insulation.

It’s biodegradable – That’s right it naturally decomposes into the soil releasing valuable nutrients back into the earth.

It’s breathable – As wool fibers are packed together, tiny pockets of air form allowing the material to absorb and release moisture.

It’s renewable- For as long as there’s grass to graze, sheep will grow producing a woolly fleece, a renewable fibre source.

It’s anti-wrinkle- Each wool fibre is structured much like a coiled string, allowing it to return to its natural shape after being bent, so woollen items tend not to crease or wrinkle. This makes them the perfect addition to your everyday bag or great items to pack when you are going on holiday.

It’s mold resistant- As wool does not collect moisture, so it hardly ever attracts mold or bacteria. Since dust needs moisture to survive, so it tends to repel it as well. This important feature is best for people who have asthma, allergies or other breathing problems because it will not react.

It’s fire resistant- Wool is a fabric that does not burn easily. In fact, wool fabric will put out a fire itself when ignited. That is the reason why people from the fire departments use wool in their uniform to protect themselves from the flames.

Colour: Speckled Light Grey
Size: Adult-Large
Materials: 90 % Wool, 7 % Acrylic, 3 % Viscose.
Caring instructions: Hand wash only, dry flat in shade. Do not iron. Do not bleach.

Allow yourself a little self-indulgence, this beanie will be your lifesaver in a cold winter’s day. It is an indispensable and valued addition to your wardrobe. You will wonder how you ever got along without it.

Do your gift shopping at home, this beanie makes the perfect gift for a special friend or relative, it will be readily used and appreciated.

Handmade in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


This piece was lovingly created by

SiennaKnits (Fitzroy)


I have learned to knit when I was about 6 years old from my mum and my grandmother. Being born in Romania where winters were long with plenty of snow and the nights by the fire, knitting was my perfect childhood play to explore my creativity. As an adult I have developed a love for our beautiful australian wool and alpaca. I source my yarn from Australian Companies. I love making knitted beanies for men and women that are soft, warm, comfortable, unique and trendy and that are made from natural fibres such as wool and alpaca, which are breathable, wrinkle resistant, naturally elastic, renewable, and hypoallergenic fibres. I hope you find something you love Simona INSTAGRAM / WEBSITE / ETSY /

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