Men's Fear T shirt by Being Benign

This T shirt is the right choice for you if you are:

  1. bored of mass market clothing and searching for a unique piece to wear.
  2. love to get a lot of attention because of your stand out style.
  3. fearless.
  4. ready to answer the question “where did you buy this t shirt?”
  5. ready to save the planet.

This t shirt is hand-painted with non-toxic fabric paint and comes with specific care instructions to maintain the quality of the print whilst wash and wearing. This t shirt is a saved sample, Being Benign takes extreme care when purchasing stock to make sure that you are still receiving quality garments.

T shirt Specifications

»Size Small

»Loose Fit

»Men’s T shirt – Cotton on


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This piece was lovingly created by

Being Benign (Fitzroy)


Stephanie is a fashion addict turning second hand and sample clothing into works of art. Her vision is to give pre-loved clothing a second life with her skills in hand painting and screen printing. Being Benign endeavors to provoke the wild side in you, inspired by “positive vibes” and delivering wearable art. Who says you weren’t born to stand out! Take this journey with us and help to promote a positive mind while looking rad doing it. Owner Stephanie is a self taught screen printer and hand painter. She adds a touch of difference to every garment she embellishes. Stephanie spent several years working at Melbourne School of Fashion, helping students pursue their fashion careers and more than 5 years as a freelance stylist. When she isn’t found sitting at her wooden table painting you can find her volunteering with the Raise Foundation lending her ear weekly in support of teenage students. The label Being Benign was born during the recovery of a major operation. Two years ago Stephanie was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor and through the grace of her surgeon’s hands was able to dream up a new path in life. She decided to start a new clothing label dedicated to saving samples and pre-loved clothing from ending up in our overflowing landfills. She scours the op shop scene to find quality and unique garments. Through her love of art and years in fashion she is putting her own twist on what is considered fashionable in today’s society. Stephanie isn’t sure about you but she has no intention of looking like the long-lost Kardashian sister. She enjoys creating unique and interesting pieces and isn’t interested in perfection but things that are a little edgy. All pieces found in her collection are one offs so that you don’t look like the girl standing next to you! Being Benign was established in early 2019, in Melbourne, Australia. Our products are all individually handmade and embellished with meticulous attention to detail. INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | ETSY

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