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Neu Squiggle #29 A5 original abstract art By Claire Monique


A5 Original Artwork (approx. 14.5cm X 20.8cm)
300gsm Paper
Paint sticks and Posca pens
Light Matte Varnish
Embracing the concept of Wabi-sabi.

20% of the proceeds from the sale of this piece will be donated to St Vincent’s Hospital Neurosurgery Department.

  • This artwork has a small tear in the top of the middle border

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Cuber: By Claire Monique (Fitzroy)
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I created the Squiggle series during a difficult time post-surgery. I wanted to surround myself with playfulness and colour, so I sat in bed and drew the happiest squiggles and shapes in the brightest combinations I could think of. By the time I made 88 pieces I was excited and energized and ready to get moving again! When you look at these squiggles I hope they spark in you the same feelings of joy, hope and excitement.

These artworks are handmade and individual with each one representing a moment in my recovery. They may contain imperfections such as colour bleeding, slight tears in the borders or crooked edges. As in both art and life, these imperfections shouldn’t make them any less beautiful. Every work comes with a signed certificate of authenticity. All paper pieces are lightly coated with a matte varnish. You can safeguard them with a glass fronted frame and by displaying them out of direct sunlight.

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