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‘Night Pose’ || original art by Amanda Wells

'Night Pose' || original art by Amanda Wells

‘Night Pose’

Original acrylic on canvas painting, by local artist Amanda Wells.

A piece from early in Amanda’s career, this original work shows experimentation with implying form and shadow using loose brushstrokes and vivid colour.

Acrylic paint on double thick canvas, signed and dated on the back.



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An original acrylic painting on double thick canvas by local artist Amanda Wells.

“When working with acrylic, I really wanted to resist the urge to push for realism, and therefore prefer to imply form rather than sketching it out. I love the rich purple as the background and shadow on this piece.”

This piece is 8″x10″, and is on a pine frame, signed on the back.

This piece was lovingly created by

Amanda Wells (Fitzroy)

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