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‘Not Safe’ – A5 Art Print – By Rianna Thomas Art


‘Not Safe’ A5 Art Print

By Rianna Thomas Art

This listing is for a high quality, fine art giclée print.

Professionally printed with vibrant colours matching the original work.

‘Not Safe’ was originally created using watercolours, colour pencils, ink and metallic gold highlights on WC paper.

Size: A5

Archival giclée print on high quality paper, hand painted with metallic gold details on each print.

Prints are stored and shipped in a plastic protective sleeve, to help preserve and protect your art, until it arrives at your front door!

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Rianna Thomas is an expressionist artist. Growing up with undiagnosed ADHD & Autism resulted in her relying on art as a source of expression & as a way to communicate with others. Life without a diagnosis resulted in Rianna growing up extremely shy, becoming one who tended to listen & observe rather than participate. Because of this, she used her art to interpret & understand herself & those around her, becoming fascinated from a young age with painting highly expressive & emotive faces.

Rianna’s medium of choice are watercolour paints. The organic, unpredictable nature of watercolours inspires her to express her thoughts & feelings, however messy they may be. Rianna also loves experimenting & mixing mediums together. Usually incorporating multiple mediums within one artwork, adding details with colour pencils, ink, & metallic accents.

Rianna’s goal with her art is to create emotive and relatable works that can resonate with others. She also hopes through using her art as therapy & being open with her Autism & ADHD diagnosis, she can help bring representation & awareness to those, especially women, on the spectrum.

Additional information

Artwork Medium

Acrylic, Drawing, Mixed Media, Watercolour

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