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Overalls – Gardener – Cotton by Seamstress Philosophy


With sunbeams shining down among a wild garden where the fae roam.

For one who uses any excuse to be among the greenery, to add a new ornament, to touch, to feel, to simply breathe the air. Feeling the wonders of nature as the world around is pondered.

A smile brought to ones face.

The blends of cotton drill and pain cotton weave bring a fun happy vibe to the garment. The flower fabric named, ‘African Retro’ designed in London, by ‘Maggie and Sharon’ for ‘Modo Fabric’. The company established in 1975.

The garment includes sufficient length in the legs and can also be rolled up as well to suit or simply for fun. A simple button fastening used to alter the height of the top section. The piece made to bring out fun happy vibes all round.


.: Fabric

.: 100% cotton

.: Dimensions

.: Chest 86cm

.: Waist 90cm

.: Hips 102cm

.: Care & Maintenance

Hang item when not in use. Hand wash in cold water.

Air dry near an open window or on a balcony away from direct sunlight.


Handcrafted by Seamstress Philosophy in Melbourne Australia

In stock

Cuber: Seamstress Philosophy (Fitzroy)
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