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Patience by Izzy Abuleela (Almost Solo 18 exhibition)


There is an eternal majesty about seascapes as well as the jetties that dare to transverse them. Through the use of high contrast, long exposures and deep f-stops my intention is to transform what our eye might normally see into something very rich, regal and surreal.

Growing up in abject poverty meant I had to look beyond the sad and decaying environment around me and, as only children can, I began to rejoice in the small pieces of beauty that still remained, just below the surface, waiting to be discovered.

This is what has drawn me to long exposure photography and through my practice I continue to feel the same joy of revealing the inner beauty within our landscape.

Limited edition of 50. This piece has won several awards over the last 12 months including:

Honourable Mention – ND Awards, RISE International

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Cuber: Exhibition Artist
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