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Personalised Astrology Birth Chart Report by Solart


Personalised Astrology Birth Chart Report (Natal)

Create a Solart Personalised Birth Chart Report for you and a loved one. It’s a unique gift that represents you. Are you looking for the perfect gift? For a wedding, anniversary, best friends, mother, daughter…

Your birth chart report will be created with the information you provide – your time, date and place of your birth. The chart will be a circular map showing where the planets were at the time of your birth. All of this information then is accounted for and created into a unique report of you. Inside the chart you will read about strengths, weaknesses in different areas of your life. The whole report is around 20 pages long and will be emailed to your directly.

Find out where the planets were when your were born & what it means for you.
What strengths do you draw on?
What specific challenges do you face?
What is your Sun Sign?
What is your Rising Sign?

Details I Need To Calculate Your Chart:
1) Birth Date
2) Birth Time
3) Place of Birth
4) Full Name

Your Natal chart is calculated, drawn, & the meaning is then interpreted based on the planetary positions, signs, houses, aspects, & angles. This helps to give an understanding of your path in life.

It will include: A Chart and table of aspects; Interpretations of planets, signs, houses; Interpretations of major Aspects. About 20 A4 pages of in-depth information.

After placing your order, Solart will contact you to arrange your birth chart.

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