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Pouch Collection – Knit Pygmy Pouch by Giorgi-D


Pygmy Pouch, to hold those small items or cards in your bag or pocket.

Lemon yellow fabric and zip with egg-yoke yellow knit cover by the amazing Rhonda Byers. Internal pouch by Giorgi D. Enamel ladybird as zip tab. Hand made in Melbourne and Broadford, Victoria. Width by depth 15cm x 8cm

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Cuber: Giorgi D (Fitzroy)
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Rhonda Byers had crocheted and knitted many blankets for the hospital and her family, and during a compassionate care visit in mid 2020, I had a light bulb moment, where I asked if she would join me in a business venture to knit and crochet covers for the pouches I make.

She knitted and crocheted many pouch covers between her chemo therapy sessions. It was incredible to see, this amazing woman in her 71st year, with a light in her eyes and determination to fulfil my desire and her own desire of this business venture together.

Over the weekend visit, we discussed size, and colour, and yarn types, then the next morning there were three squares ready to be stitched to pouches! She was very keen to make them accurately, and she also had a great design sense.

She suggested knitting  in the colours of football teams, I ran with this but because I’m quirky (both Rhonda and I like to be different) I suggested the football stripes be irregular in size and rhythm. Rhonda even knitted one with stripes on the diagonal!

As soon as she was able, she took off to the closest yarn shop to select a variety with which to knit and crochet. She completed 65 squares, some as Mother and Daughter sets, as well as continuing the blankets.

In memory of Rhonda’s love for flying creatures, especially ladybirds, and her need to have a better pull system on a zip, I have added an enamel ladybird as zip pull tab.

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