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Long Leaf Earrings 'Pearlescent Grey' By Emma Hesz

Long 80mm spiralling copper fold form leaf earrings, on 925 Sterling Silver wire.

‘Foldforming’ is a technique where sheet metal is folded like origami, repeatedly forged and annealed up to 20 times then unfolded. Creating a dramatic three-dimensional form.

Many forms that come out of the fold forming process resemble nature, looking like seed pods and leaves. As it utilises the same laws of nature in the creation process.

The process of a flower unfolding or how a leaf forms, is similar between natural occurrences and fold forming.

The colour on the surface is achieve by layers of heat, leaving an oxidised light refraction on the surface.

Note: To ensure your colours stay bright and bold, after wearing your pieces wash them gently with soapy water, pat dry with a soft dry cloth.

Store them between tissue paper, to protect the surface from scratches.


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This piece was lovingly created by

Emma Hesz (Fitzroy)


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