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Cloak – Medieval Painter – Wool, Linen by Seamstress Philosophy


Winter, it is always that time of year when one would rather surround themselves with a doona, or simply, stay in bed. And rather than produce another jacket or coat and not quite wanting to make a poncho. Wanting to create a piece to be warm and practical and for arms to not be inhibited.

Inspiration was found in ‘Torvi’s Red Cloak’. Once seen, a pattern was designed and each section began to take shape using wool sample fabric on the front from, ‘de Le Cuona’, based in the UK, the collection named, ‘Huckleberry Lake’, with individual names for each fabric type, barn, fog, lake, lily, nougat, sea.

The fun linen section at the back created by, John Kaldor Fabricmaker FCNA, who also helped shape the art scene within Australia over the last fifty years.

The lining is made from various cotton and linen. The yellow mustard section leftover from a previous project. The floral cotton, ‘Romantic Memories SPL – 2’, and the ornate cream section by, ‘Kathy Hall, for ‘Andover Fabric’.


.: Loose Fit

.: Fabric

.: 100% Wool (front)

.: 100% Linen (back)

.: 100% Linen (lining)

.: 100% Cotton (lining)

.: Dimensions

.: Chest 156cm

.: Length 65cm (measured from shoulder seam)

.: Care & Maintenance

Hang item when not in use. Hand wash in cold water.

Air dry near an open window or on a balcony away from direct sunlight.


Handcrafted by Seamstress Philosophy in Melbourne Australia

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Cuber: Seamstress Philosophy (Fitzroy)
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Linen, Wool

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