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Quirky silk and wool wrap in tan, navy and mauve by Judith Scott Upcycling


This unique silk and wool wrap scarf is a quirky winter piece, handcrafted from upcycled ties.

Will this be your 2020 Xmas gift for your overseas loved one (in the northern hemisphere!)?

Colour from

  • Lustrous sheen of the 2 silk ties
  • Depth of colour in the woollen tie
  • Juxtaposition of these 3 upcycled ties – it might look random, it ain’t!

Comfort from

  • softness of the silk against your skin
  • extra softness from the tie wadding

Technical deets:

  • Measures approx 120cm x 25cm tapering to 22cm, lined with tie wadding for extra warmth and softness.


In stock

Cuber: Judith Scott Upcycling (Fitzroy)
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