Reed Diffuser - Lemongrass and Persian Lime by Wilde Aroma (Fitzroy)

Enjoy effortless scent that lasts for up to six months in your home. Our signature amber glass protects the scented oil from sunlight and heat ensuring you get the most out of your diffuser. The oil is absorbed by the fiber reeds and releases the fragrance slowly to fill your room. Unlike the commonly used bamboo reeds, fibre reeds give a superior scent throw and there is little need to flip them. No mess or spills.


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This piece was lovingly created by

Wilde Aroma (Fitzroy)

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Aimee handcrafts bath and body products and soy candles.  All with a focus on natural ingredients and sustainable packaging. All products are created with a particular love of aromatherapy and naturally skin nourishing ingredients. Studying naturopathy was the inception of Aimee’s creative journey. The enjoyment gained from dabbling in medicine making gave her the tools to experiment further.  This lead to a passion for making cosmetics and body products for self use. Around this time, options for natural bath and beauty products were far and few between.  The shortage of natural products available meant she continued formulating creams and balms made for self use and family and friends. The sheer enjoyment creating and making potions inspired the realisation that natural is so simple.  There is now a greater awareness and want for natural handcrafted products. This then lead the decision to expand to a wider audience.  Then followed the understanding of the moral responsibility as a maker; to produce simple quality which is also ethically sustainable, for our skin and the earth. Aimee works part time in the city and spends the rest of her time creating and making. Weekends over the last year have been dedicated to attending craft markets gaining valuable feedback on her wares and building a loyal client base. She is moving at her own pace without pressure and is enjoying the humble satisfaction of people appreciating handmade products and coming back for more. She gets excited with new ideas for products and has a desire to expand the business. Handcrafting bath and body products is her peace in a fast paced world. Aromatherapy has been a lifelong interest and this is a common theme around Wilde Aroma products. FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE | PRAHRAN

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