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Introduction to SEO for Makers with May Michaels 6-OCT


SEO for Makers!

SEO is just as important for you as it is for any other business!

In this workshop with May Michaels, we will learn:

  1. What is SEO
  2. Why you need it
  3. How to do it (or at least where to get started)
  4. How to track your results

There will be a hands on element where we will go through on-page optimisation on a real product from the in.cube8r online store to illustrate how to turn a non-optimised item into an optimised one, within just a few minutes!

Cuber: May Michaels


If you’re a maker with a website, you need to know about SEO! 

In this workshop I explain the basics of Search Engine Optimisation, in words that Makers understand!

I will use product listings or bios for participating cubers to show you how to do it on the page!

Join us for a 2 hour session where we get to know the basics of SEO.

If you would prefer to do this session privately, and go through your own website, you can book a mentoring session instead.

Event Details

Start date: October 06, 2020

Start time: 19:00

End time: 20:30

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