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“Shopaholic” Up-cycled Denim Tote by Being Benign

"Shopaholic" Up-cycled Denim Tote by Being Benign

This Up-cycled Denim Tote is the right choice for you if you:

  1. love something unique.
  2. are a shopaholic and are just helping the economy.
  3. can’t go past a denim tote.
  4. ready to answer the question “where did you buy this bag from?”
  5. love yourself a bit of safety pin, tartan and embellishment life.

This Up-cycled Denim Tote is hand-painted with non-toxic fabric paint and comes with specific care instructions to maintain the of the print whilst wash and wearing. This denim jacket is a pre-loved item, Being Benign takes extreme care when purchasing stock to make sure that you are still receiving quality garments.

What are you waiting for the economy needs you.

Denim Tote Specifications:

» Open Tote

»Women’s Denim Tote – Unbranded


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This piece was lovingly created by

Being Benign (Fitzroy)

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