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Skirt – Far Away Home – Cotton by Seamstress Philosophy


The tulip fields of the Netherlands are brought to mind when glancing at the cut of this dress.

Tales of an unseen land is visualised as vivid memories are described. Grandfather to granddaughter speaking of the field of flowers, the dikes keeping the surrounding water at bay, the windmills moving water from one section to another. Of memories of a boy in shorts before the war was lived.

The name ‘far away home’ comes from the notion that my grandparents hailed from the Netherlands and even though the land is unseen by my eyes it still pulled a connection, and in a way, a part of it lives within me.

The pattern pieces of this skirt while simple in design are unique. The sweeping under curve creates a bubble feel to the shape of the skirt. The piece made from soft cotton, sourced from a fellow seamstress, seamlessly adds to the flow and the soft yellow bring light to the garment.


.: Fabric

.: 100% cotton

.: Dimensions

.: Waist 70cm

.: Length 50cm

.: Care & Maintenance

Hang item when not in use. Hand wash in cold water.

Air dry near an open window or on a balcony away from direct sunlight.


Handcrafted by Seamstress Philosophy in Melbourne Australia

In stock

Cuber: Seamstress Philosophy (Fitzroy)
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