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Skirt – Traditional Print – Cotton by Seamstress Philosophy


This garment was cut in such a way that there was virtually no waste and what of it there was became compost. Another way of working towards zero. It’s a part of the reason for working with natural fabric, because they can be composted and the other is they are breathable and comfortable to wear.

The cotton fabric for this garment was hand printed in India. The fabric portion came as a large rectangle section and is a part of the reason why the skirt was cut in a particular way. To maintain the pattern. The draping sides held in place by buttons, rather than cutting the fabric to the shape of the curve. It created an extra touch of character to the garment.

There was a significant amount of thought which went into this garment. From cutting and shaping to the end result. The band fashioned in such a way so it can be adjusted to three different sizes.

The fabric was obtained from a designer who was analysing their overall concept and focusing the direction and passing on anything which did not reflect this image.

Their set up was quite inspiring and listening to their story intriguing.

.: 100% cotton

.: Dimensions

  • Waist 82/86/78cm (button fastenings to create various widths)
  • Length 90cm

Care & Maintenance; Hang item when not in use. Hand wash in cold water.

Air dry near an open window or on a balcony away from direct sunlight.

Handcrafted by Seamstress Philosophy in Melbourne Australia

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Cuber: Seamstress Philosophy (Fitzroy)
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