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'Crown' Sleeveless Cardigan by Harry Millward

This Merino Wool Sleeveless Cardigan is a part of the original ‘Crown’ collection. These designs were inspired by themes of symmetry, straight lines on flowing silhouettes, the fluidity of power, and ideas of royalty; spoken through texture, colour, and drape. The misty grey lends a subtle touch which can blend and layer to give any outfit a strong silhouette and textural statement.

100% Australian Merino Wool with a herringbone texture.


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  • Easy to wear
  • Soft and warm
  • Australian Merino Wool with herringbone texture
  • Breathable
  • Any wrinkles disappear with wear
  • Anti-bacterial qualities meaning smell resistant


This item is one size fits most. 

General sizing info:

Sizes vary from brand to brand, country to country, our sizing attempts not focus on large vs small, but finding the right size to fit you.

Approximate equivalents of our 1-5 system is mens; XS(1)-S(2)-M(3)-L(4)-XL(5) and womens; 8(1)-10(2)-12(3)-14(4)-16(5) although many oversized or elastic waistband items may fit several sizes.

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Made From

Main 100% Merino Wool


  • Spot clean when possible
  • Hand wash with gentle/wool detergent and cool water
  • Flat dry in shade
  • Do not iron (should not be needed anyway)
  • Merino wool with proper care should rarely have to be washed, so avoid over washing
  • Should be moved around and opened up at least once every couple of months to avoid moth damage
  • If stored over long periods seal in air tight container or bag
  • Store folded rather than hung when practical to do so
  • If you wish to remove care label please take care to not cut into yarns

This piece is designed by us and knitted locally in Melbourne.

This piece was lovingly created by

Harry Millward Design (Fitzroy)

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