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'Snooze' cat lino print by Wonga Press

This cat lino print is of my sister’s old cat ‘Snooze’ relaxing after a hard day. This is a 4 colour reduction linocut. With a reduction lino print you work one colour at a time. With each new colour more of the block is carved away with the carved areas staying the previous colour and with what is left uncarved rolled up with ink to become the next colour. The last colour is also the end of the block and you cannot  make any more prints.

This is one of a very small edition of 4. It is circular with a width and height of approx 15cm. It also comes with a circle cut window mattboard


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This piece was lovingly created by

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Creating and carving linoprints has become an all-consuming artistic practice for Carolyn with her subject matter an eclectic mix of nature, animals, mythology and daily observations. She especially likes the bold graphic nature inherent in linocuts that lends itself to many applications. Carolyn enjoys every aspect of the process from pondering ideas, sketching and refining and transferring to lino. She loves the carving process using traditional tools and the mindfulness of the practice. She finds a magic that comes in the final stage of printing when the ideas and the lino’s characteristics form a collaboration. Sources of inspiration for her include: animals, nature, books, music, art, other eras and anything that peaks her curiosity. INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE  

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