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Sterling Silver Ring by Elleke Hageman


Beautiful Sterling Silver ring with flowing forms and depletion gilded finish.

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Cuber: Elleke Hageman Art (Fitzroy)
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This ring is 100% sterling silver with a depletion gilded finish. It is a one-of-a-kind unique handmade ring here in Melbourne and would form a perfect gift for anyone who loves bespoke statement jewellery.

Ringsize: Internal Diameter 16 mm

In my work I am very inspired by the underwater environment because this other world that is just below the surface of the ocean is, although we know it, completely strange to us.

I have made a range of rings that are inspired by jellyfish, because the way they float through the water is mesmerising. Their lives completely decided by the waterflows in the ocean.

For this ring Phyllorhiza Punctata or the white spotted jelly, formed an inspiration. The beautifull structure of their tentacles in combination with the flowing of their bodies through the water is what I integrated into this ring.

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