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Sterling Silver Tri Pendant with Pearl By TLH Inspired

Watercast sterling silver pendant with watercast and freshwater pearl

Designed and handcrafted in Australia by Tina-Lea Horton of TLH Inspired

Pendant comes with a 55cm Sterling Silver Belcher chain.


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Jewellery Material

Sterling Silver


Freshwater Pearl

This piece was lovingly created by

TLH Inspired (Prahran)

tlh inspired

TLH Inspired is the creative ego of me, Redlands coast artist Tina Horton. I specialises in organically cast Sterling Silver jewellery and describe my style as naturally organic, I like to  draw my inspiration from shapes and forms found in nature. Having always been a creative soul I have tried many forms of artistic expression, from painting to scrapbooking. In 2007 I decided to pursue my fascinating with rocks, gams and crystals, joining my local lapidary society. It is here that I not only learnt how to cut and polish stones but also the basics of silversmithing. Since 2007 I have won many competitions both locally and throughout Queensland for both her lapidary and jewellery work. My passion for nature and the environment drove me to explore ways of reducing my jewellery's impact on our environment. During this experimental phase I discovered what is known as organic casting a way I would transform all my scrap metal into new and exciting jewellery. This form of casting ensures that every piece of precious metal that enters my studio is used within my work. I like to  follow the studio philosophy “nothing goes to waste, just think creatively”. Just for reference organic casting is the process of casting molten metal into an organic substance, cuttlebone, water & broom are all examples of organic casting. Thus form of casting generally create natural organic pieces to use within jewellery designs, creating a unique one off piece. The results of organic casting can be unpredictable and yet beautifully unique and organic. All of my work contains sustainable and ethically sourced materials, including both metal and gemstone. FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM

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