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Sustainable gift $15 Copper ring bowl Sarah Munnings Jewellery


If you are looking for a sustainable gift that is light to post and features copper look no further!

These stunning little bowls have been hand forged with a hammer in my home studio in Melbourne. Each bowl is slightly different as I strike each individually.

They are the perfect size to add to a gift for an unusual sustainable addition and are great for the people wanting to leave a light footprint on the earth.

They are made from recycled materials, and will age beautifully.

Copper has been long known for its properties, used for aiding rheumatism there is something mystical about this material.

Soft enough to cold forge at home it is a beautiful material to work with and I adore the way that it ages turning from shiny rose gold to a darker brown.

Not everyone loves the darker oxidisation but fear not, there is a simple way to turn your oxidised copper more rose gold coloured and sparkly again.

Cleaning tip:
If you prefer your copper bowl shiny pop it into half a cup of boiling water, add a teaspoon of citric acid (from the baking aisle) and stir. Rinse and dry and it will shine again!

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Cuber: Sarah Munnings (Prahran)
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