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Tea Light Candles - Enchanting 10 pack by Wilde Aroma (Fitzroy)

Pure soy wax candles scented with natural oils and housed in an amber glass jar.  The dark oak lid makes them perfect to take travelling or camping and simply looks stylish. They are slightly transparent when lit and give off a beautiful ambient glow. The perfect addition to a nighttime ritual.
Do not burn below 1 cm of wax remaining in the bottom of the jar as it will create a concentration of heat on the base of the jar.  When your candle is finished, scoop out the remaining wax with a spoon and rinse with warm soapy water. Your amber glass jar and wooden oak lid can now be re-purposed into storage for loose leaf tea, a pot plant or vase, coin jar, bathroom storage, the options are limitless.
Reclaim your conscious and choose to reuse.


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This piece was lovingly created by

Wilde Aroma (Fitzroy)

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