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"Tulip Frames" sterling silver and opal long earrings by Flying Lobster Jewellery

Australian Opal doublet and Sterling silver long earrings. Sw 1216. Total length from top of ear hook 52mm x 9mm wide. Opal 18x7mm irregular shape.


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Jewellery Material

Sterling Silver

This piece was lovingly created by

Flying Lobster Jewellery (Fitzroy)

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Sarah Whitlock, Flying Lobster Jewellery, is a jewellery and object maker, working predominately in sterling silver.Sarah's work features curvilinear designs, Middle Eastern motifs, and coloured gems. Using traditional jewellery making skills she creates wearables as well as objects such as teapots, treasure boxes, spoons, perfume bottles and music boxes, all made from sterling silver. Inspired by Middle Eastern art and architecture Sarah is inspired by the materials themselves. She says, "often I will hold a gemstone, look at it, look into it, head off in a seemingly blank stare and see exactly what this rock needs to become."INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE

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