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Versatile Upcycled French Silk Scarf in Pink and Navy by Judith Scott Upcycling

This French silk scarf is chic in pink and navy, and drapes beautifully to reveal the true lustre of upcycled silk ties.

Upcycled silk ties are perfect upcycled in this traditional, elegant and versatile scarf.


  • It can be worn as a bow or as a woman’s tie.
  • A French silk scarf does not have a wrong side.  With one side in pink and the other in navy, this silk scarf can be styled in many ways to complement any look.
  • It is hard to explain in words how to style this scarf, but easy to show in images! The accompanying  2 flat lay images show the shape of the scarf – it is not a square scarf.  Full width is 36 cm. The longest side (64 cm) wraps around the neck at the narrow end (12 cm).  Simply thread through any one of the remaining 3 corners through the loop (6 cm deep) on the narrow end to secure the scarf in place.


  • Handcrafted from 4 upcycled silk ties, this is a one-off piece.  A timeless and versatile style, this scarf could be the go-to for a long time!


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Judith Scott is a textile artist who crafts quirky one-off functional accessories using upcycled natural fibres.

Judith leveraged her love of sewing that she discovered as a teenager with the energy gained in retirement to develop her fabric upcycling business. She loves to give fresh purpose to discarded garments.

Judith creates silk infinity scarves that are soft and gorgeous, practical and easy to style, from men’s ties. Her inspiration comes from the colours and patterns in these beautiful silks. No two scarves are every the same.

Judith’s other creations include headbands, scrunchies, bandannas, glasses cases, and earbud cases. Her current focus is her range of silk face masks, designed for comfort, with a dash of whimsy, for our time.

Check out Judith’s Instagram to see her process


This piece was lovingly created by

Judith Scott Upcycling (Fitzroy)

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