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Vest – Dream of Flight – Linen, Cotton by Seamstress Philosophy


There has always been a fascination for clothes of eras long since past. Of vests and waistcoats, of bracers and frills.

Vests, they create warmth and a touch of eccentric flair to any outfit.

With a blend of fabrics, linen for the main fabric and cotton for the lining. Both creating breathable comfort and warmth to this garment. It took some time to lay the pattern pieces out for the bird fabric before the arrangement became flattering. Showing the bird as a whole in many of the panels.

The lining came from a patchworker who was, through the process of recovering, re-evaluating their future and deciding what to hold on to and what to let go of.

The bird fabric was obtained from a designer who was analysing their overall concept and focusing the direction and passing on anything which did not reflect this image.

Their set up was quite inspiring and listening to their story intriguing. To see another with a passion to create and a drive to move forward and show their image to the world, uplifting.


.: Fabric

.: Linen

.: Cotton (lining)

.: Dimensions

.: Chest 98cm

.: Length 50cm (measured from shoulder seam)

.: Care & Maintenance

Hang item when not in use. Hand wash in cold water.

Air dry near an open window or on a balcony away from direct sunlight.


Handcrafted by Seamstress Philosophy in Melbourne Australia

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Cuber: Seamstress Philosophy (Fitzroy)
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Cotton, Linen

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