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Whimsy is Magic by Lucy Jane Hotchin showing in Thread

Punched acrylic and wool on Monkscloth, wooden dowel


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Whimsy is Magic is one of three in a punched series and began with an incredible photo taken by a friend and evolved through the colours and shapes present in the image. This work was half planned and then improvised, allowing the colours to have a conversation with me, a thoroughly satisfying process.
The whimsy comes from the original photo, but also just as much from the person who took the photo and I hoped to bring that through to this punched work.
Punch needle remains a tactile and engaging process to use to engage in the present moment and pass time thoughtfully, packed wool and fluffy edges also provide a soothing sensory experience.
The wool in this work is a combination of salvaged remnants and hand-me-downs and was punched with love and enjoyment.

This piece was lovingly created by

Exhibition Artist

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